EBC aims to train psychological skills that have been seen in a scientific way that are related to happiness or psychological well-being. It is not about achieving happiness in two months, but understanding and knowing that happiness can be achieved by working the causes that generate it and training certain psychological skills.


EBC has two components that support it, on one hand, the central axis of training and on which it is supported are contemplative practices, meditation, concentration, mindfulness, etc … On the other hand, the second major axis is positive psychology, together with contemplative practices, he has made many advances in recent years that can help us to train these skills.


El objetivo de este entrenamiento de 8 semanas es trabajar mediante la meditación y los últimos avances en psicología positiva estos cuatro constituyentes para lograr de esta manera un aumento de bienestar psicológico y felicidad.

The trainers


Phd. assistant Professor of the University of Valencia (UV). Expert in mindfulness and positive psychology. Researcher in the area of mindfulness and positive psychology. Editor of two books, “Mindfulness and Science”, and the “Science of compassion” both in editorial Alianza.


David Alvear Phd. in Psychology from the University of the Basque Country. Expert in mindfulness and positive psychology. Meditator and therapist with extensive experience. Member of the Baraka team where he collaborates in several training sessions and practice groups. Author of the book “Mindfulness en Positivo” (Editorial Milenio) ..